BSNL TTA Previous Year Question Papers with Answers – TTA pdf Last Year papers

by Eswar on April 26, 2013

BSNL TTA Previous Year Question Papers with Answers – TTA pdf Last Year papers:

BSNL TTA Previous Papers – We provide free previous question paper for BSNL TTA exam. BSNL Open competitive exam previous year question papers available. Candidates those who are appearing for TTA exam on June 2013 can find and download the TTA old question papers.

All the candidates who are writing BSNL exam on 30th June 2013 can find and download the previous question papers. This recruitment is for the vacancies of Telecom Technical Assistant (TTA) in BNSL various states. The TTA recruitment process seats proposed based on various community.

Those who have done their three years diploma in Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering, Computer Engineering, Instruments Technology, Information Technology and M.Sc. (Electronics) can apply for this TTA recruitment.

BSNL TTA Exam pattern contains three subjects, General ability Test (20 marks), Basic Engineering(90 marks) and Specialization (90 marks). In this page we have attached the General Ability Test Model question papers. In this page we have attached the following list of papers.

TTA Basic Engineering :
Here you can find the sample question paper of TTA Exam Paper II questions. We have attached the list of 50 questions with multiple choice answers.

Specialization section you can find the following question papers.

Communication Specialization Papers:
Here we have attached the 2007 question paper of Communication. This section will provide you the list of 50 questions with multiple choice optional answers.

BSNL TTA Computer Papers:
Here you can find Computer Specialization 2007 papers with MCQ questions. This section also you can find 50 questions. It will help you to understand what type of questions will be asked in this paper.

Control Systems Papers:
Here you can find control System 2007 question paper with objective type answers.
Example Question:
1) High power amplification is achieved by using
(a) push pull amplifier
(b) amplidyne
(c) magnetic amplifier
(d) DC amplifier
(e) D.C. generator

Electrical Specialization Papers:
Here you can find the electrical paper for TTA 2007 exam. We have attached the sample question as follows,
1) An alternator is said to be over excited when it is operating at
a. Unity power factor
b. Leading power factor
c. Lagging power factor
d. Either lagging or leading power factor

Instruments and Measurement 2007 TTA Papers:
The Instruments and Measurement 2007 pdf question paper we have attached in this question paper. You can find the same and get benifited.

Network Filters and Transmission TTA Question Papers:
Here you can find Network Filters and Transmission paper for December 2007 year exam. In TTA section c part Network Filters and Transmission Lines questions will be asked.
Example Question:
1) Normal analysis techniques are based on
(a) Thevenin’s theorem
(b) Tellegan’s theorem
(c) Superposition theorem
(d) Kirchoff’s Law

Network Transmission Papers:
We have attached the Network Transmission 2007 question paper. You can find the 50 MCQ questions in that list.
Example Question:
1)When two systems obey equations of the same form the systems are said to be
(a) Similar system
(b) Identical system
(c) Analogous system
(d) Digital system
BSNL TTA Question Papers pdf files:









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Ramani May 13, 2013 at 3:36 pm

Where do i get the previous year question paper for Communication paper. If you have past 5 years communication question paper give it me.

Abinaya May 13, 2013 at 3:37 pm

I want all the question papers for BSNL TTA. Where do i get the previous paper for BSNL TTA Exam.

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